2002.3.6 Founded Corporation Capital 155 Million KRW
2003.3 LG Dacom Webhard Developed webhard explorer and efficient server engine.
2003.7 Developed webhard explorer
and efficient server engine.
SK Full implementation of club type web storage service
in SK communications
2004.7 Mdisk Joint Business for club type web storage service with
2008.3   SK Networks UBihard
2009.1 Partnership contract in Japan/China Partnership with Japanese M&S Corporation for japan and china market.
2009.3 Central ECM Released Release of Document Centralization Solution, Central ECM
2009.10 KT SafeDisk Online storage joint business with KT
2009.11 KT MegaPC Provides storage solution for cloud PC online service of KT
2010 Enterprise Customers OCI, Samsung Card, Green Cross, ... etc
2010.06 Exhibition Tokyo Interop
2011 Enterprise Customers LG Electronics, Standard Chartard, ... etc
2011.06 Exhibition Singapore CommunicAsia
2012.01 DiskLock DiskLock solution which controls PC disk IO launched
2012 Enterprise Customers Samsung Engineering, SKT, SungJoo Group, Dongbu HighTech,... etc
2012.07 Exhibition Japan IT Week Autumn, Interop Mumbai
2013.06 Exhibition Interop Tokyo, Singapore Comuunic Asia
2014.05 Exhibition Japan IT Week Spring
2014.06 Exhibition Singapore Communic Asia
2014.06 - GS(Good Software) Certificate
2015.05 Exhibition Japan IT Week Spring 2015
2015.06 Exhibition Singapore Communic Asia 2015
2016.06 Exhibition Singapore Communic Asia 2016
2016.09 Exhibition Cloud connect shanghai 2016
2016.10 Exhibition Japan IT Week Autumn
2017.04 Exhibition global ICT 2017 Hongkong
2017.05 Exhibition Japan IT Week 2017 spring
2017.05 Exhibition Singapore CMMA 2017
2017.09 Exhibition ITU 2017
2017.12 Exhibition IFSEC India 2017
2017 Enterprise Customers More than 50 new customer sites per year from 2014