Company Outline
We are an enterprise solution company specializing in centralized documentation solutions. Since its foundation, we have been steadily designing and marketing products with the global market in mind. With the philosophy of "Create conscientious software", we try to find out exactly what a company needs in a fast-changing internet and mobile environment and to think about the most appropriate implementation method. As a result, we are actively encouraged by customers and have the largest number of customers in the document centralization market.
Company Name NETID Co., Ltd.
CEO Yoo, Sang Leol
Bussiness Area Centralized documentation solution
(Company-installed type, cloud service type)
Address #302 3F Rio Bldg., 170 Yeocksam-lo, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06248, South Korea
Phone TEL : 02-588-0708 | FAX : 02-588-1012
Foundation Date March 6, 2002
Engagement in the
same industry
Since March, 2002 ~
Products ClouDoc(previously Central ECM) – Specialized in centralized documentation